Tag: Rangefinder 30 Rising Star 2018

La Finale May 31, 2021

Guoyou + Charmaine | Armenian Church

"The greatest gift of the human experience is love, freely offered and given between two people." Acts of love often ask for nothing in return, be it between friends, between families, and between lov...

La Finale December 11, 2020

Damien + Ain | The Halia @ Singapore Botanic Garden

The thing about love is that it transcends all differences, all cultures and all backgrounds. Love promotes understanding, communication and initiative. These are just some things we observed and lear...

La Finale November 3, 2020

Basil + Bibiana | Sofitel Sentosa

It's been almost a year since we covered Basil and Bibiana's big day but looking through their wedding works brought back such fond memories. The beauty of how each smile was big, how each laughter wa...

La Finale August 27, 2020

Colin + Jodie | The Art House + Artemis

"Love is not definitions but examples." Jodie and Colin's special day consisted of many moments crossed between tears of joy and pride, laughters of reminiscence and hugs of kinship and friendship....

Fernweh August 20, 2019

Nicole + Keillian | Hong Kong, Shatin

This is a celebration of the family we’re born into by blood, as well as the family we choose.

La Finale March 31, 2019

Andrew + Gillian | Andaz

A relationship has no frills, no game, just sincerity and the deliberate choice of spending the rest of your lives together.

Accolades November 2, 2018

Kompactfaen | Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2018

Never imagined us saying this but hey, we're one of the Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars for 2018. The use of low key lighting, less washed out edits and darker, moodier hues weren't that much of a ...

Prologue September 4, 2018

Saptarshi + Valerie | Singapore

Love and live fully, freely and fiercely.

Prologue July 31, 2018

Shaz + Lexy | Singapore

We all want to have something, to call our own.