fernweh [‘fɛʁnve]

The desire to travel, a longing for far-off places.

Being avid travellers ourselves, we’re always amazed and intrigued by each travel; how similar strangers can be, how different cultures blend with each other, and how small we are in this humongous world. Travelling is an essential to us. It keeps us inspired, motivated and creative. Each travel is somehow always an adventure of a lifetime.


Just like a marriage - it is a commitment, when two parties come together and vow to go through thick and thin together, as a pair. It, too, is an adventure, a travel of life. It's a deliberate action to go on a trip called "life" together. Hand in hand, both of you conquer difficulties, share emotions and shoulder responsibilities, together. It'll be quite an experience to kick start this whole wedding mania with a trip to somewhere far, somewhere exotic, and somewhere iconic to just the both of you. Being overseas also allow us to capture footages and photos that are engaging, bursting with emotions and crazy compositions. Singapore ain’t blessed with many nature and scenic places hence we always feel that we got to create the most we can from an overseas shoot.

The works that come from an overseas shoot don’t just make your wedding look prettier, in fact, the experiences and the adventurous spirit that comes out from the trip are captured in these photos and films, and we see how that can be an experience of a lifetime that's documented down. We normally try to go out of the norm, bursting through undiscovered places and it often delights us with not just nice photos and videos, but memories that one will normally not get on a usual holiday. Speak to us to find out more, on the places we're headed to or if you've any plans in mind. We always love an adventurous pair to go on the unbeaten path with.