Linus + Huien | Fullerton

February 25, 2020

We love because it’s the only true adventure

A precious moment, a lovely image, can be

Wedding Short Film

Linus + Huien


“And here, we know that they have found a home in each other.”

People often say that the best couple brings out the best in each other, and that they radiate love and chemistry in every way. No frills, no games, just two very sincere hearts genuinely looking out for each other.

This, is definitely the case for Linus and Huien.

Through the entire process, from pre wedding photography with their beloved fur kids, to their actual day, we see how much support there is between the two. We observe how each of them are pillars for one another, and we listened to their admiration for each other. We watched them made fun of one another, and yet spoke so much about each others’ strengths so very often. We heard about their adventures together, and laughed with them about the little screw ups here and there as they manoeuvre through life as a team.

Here, we know that these are two people, who are right for each other, who finally found one another. And here, we know that they have found a home in each other.

With Linus and Huien, we learnt so much about love in its purest form. That it requires no effort to spend an extra effort on another, it requires no nudging to express their feelings to each other.  Everything just flows through them, and around them, and it is pretty evident from their wedding film and photos.

This is a pair that is extremely in love even though they do not put an extra effort to show it off. This is a pair with hearts so big that it encompasses so much thoughtfulness not just for each other but for everyone around them. So enjoy their full set of wedding works – it is one that definitely warms the heart, tugs some heartstrings, and makes you want to root for them wholeheartedly so very much.

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