Saptarshi + Valerie | Singapore

September 4, 2018

“Love and live fully, freely and fiercely.”

For Sap and Valerie, their prewedding photoshoot was nothing like what we planned, nothing like what we expected. The dawn of shoot day had overcast skies, roaming dark clouds and the wind was strong. However, for the spontaneity of things, we decided as a collective to go ahead with the shoot in hope that the skies would clear after some time.

The chemistry between the pair was so strong that we forgot about how the weather was and purely focused on watching these two interacts, being themselves and enjoying each other’s company.

Soon enough, it started pouring, heavily. We couldn’t see anything with our visions blurred from the rain. It was at a point when it seemed like we could no longer shoot, one of us looked at the pair and asked, “Shall we?”

“Let’s go.”

All drenched, us and our cameras, we felt a sense of freedom that was unusual. It was like we found a piece of ourselves that we’ve forgotten amidst this fast-paced and busy world. Like how everything was at a good place even though it wasn’t the ideal. How it was okay when her makeup was melting away with the rain. How it was liberating just to be drenched, yet to be having fun in the pouring rain. This is what most of us were taught not to do and yet, shooting with no light and having all of us drenched out in the rain somehow felt right.

Expectation do let us down once in a while, be it in a relationship or in the process. But we don’t realize is this – it’s okay to fall short of expectations once in a while. Who knows, that may be the pathway to something better, to a change and to freedom of a different sort. When you let go of certain expectations and stop dwelling in what might have been, you see comfort in what is deemed to be uncomfortable.

You see the joy in little hiccups and unplanned moments. You see life as it is. And we love how this shoot truly represents that.

So, love and live fully, freely and fiercely.