Kompactfaen | Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2018

November 2, 2018

Never imagined us saying this but hey, we’re one of the Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars for 2018.

The use of low key lighting, less washed out edits and darker, moodier hues weren’t that much of a thing in Singapore then. We vividly remember getting rejections from people about our works and doubting ourselves. Whether our insistence on a style that was seemingly more forward, less conventional and less popular in Singapore was, pure stubbornness. At the same time, we questioned so much – the industry, the people, the weddings we’ve been to and even, ourselves. From searching of deeper meaning in the whole idea of documenting weddings to what we’ve developed so far today. From focusing on the value of wedding photography and videography, to the less-focused moments, the in-betweens and the smaller interactions, to our big idea today – moving beyond just wedding documentation (well, we needed a term for photography and videography, it was a handful to type and say), delving deeper to look for what’s behind a wedding, a relationship.

We’re really glad, that the then so-called stubbornness, has evolved to a change and a shift in local trends. We see more use of chiaroscuro, and people talking about it. We see photographers freely expressing themselves with light, with shadow and with bolder colours. We see videographers paying more attention to details, flow and colour edits. We love how everyone is starting to find a meaning behind their craft and, personalities start to show.

The strive for a competitive and healthy industry, we guess we can see it slowly forming and progressing.

And the best part – the network of family, friends and colleagues who’ve been giving us confidence, support, love and a safety net to fall back on anytime.

It has since changed; the nervousness from our first ever paid job has transformed into the warm and fuzzy feeling we feel at every wedding. How the stress we felt at every meeting to sell our ideology became a bridge for connection, and we feel inspired each time we meet with a pair, be it old or new. The friendships we forged through this occupation, the love we felt between a pair, a family, a wedding and even, for us. It’s often extremely overwhelming and we find ourselves having to sit back and take a break during edits as, some feelings are just too much to bear.

So, to the couples who’ve entrusted us with the story-telling of their relationship, who’ve opened their hearts out for us to scrutinise and create out from, who’ve had faith in us to document and be part of their big day, thank you so much for all that you’ve done for us. We wouldn’t have been able to grow if you guys didn’t give us the freedom and space to. Delving deeper is something that blossomed out of every interaction with each and every one of you. And the friendships, allowed us to come in not just as an external party, but to be part of you guys and your wedding, while accounts for the beautiful shots and footages that we have today.

Rangefinder Magazine is a prestigious photography magazine based in New York City. This award, Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars, requires nomination and it’s impossible to take part in, not without a nomination. Out of 300 nominations, we’re so grateful to emerge as one of the top 30 and be placed next to talented photographers from all part of the world. It feels amazing to see the works all over the newsstand back in NYC, and around the world. Despite all, this doesn’t mark an end point. We love how every year, 30 photographers get their names celebrated to indicate a new wave of ideas, trends and outlook to the art of wedding documentation. It keeps our feet moving and heads high – it keeps us motivated to improve and always, always be creative. Not to mention, it’s an extreme huge honour to be nominated by Rangefinder’s Features Editor, Libby Peterson, herself. That’s probably the best gift for us during this season.

Nothing can ever beat celebrating humanity and love. Loudly, and proudly.

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