We're seeking further into the art of wedding documentation - into what comes behind it, and what goes beyond it.

delving deeper.

You know what’s the purpose of a photo, or a film - how it encapsulates memories and how it can stop time in an artistic manner. You know how we take pride in crafting out each shoot and film individually, ensuring that the spirit and vibe of every pair is portrayed in the most natural, raw and sophisticated manner. You know that we aim to deliver your full stories back to you – every emotion, every in-between look, every imperfect moment and every candid situation.

But we are seeking further into the art - into what comes behind it, and what goes beyond it.

Delving beneath the surface, you no longer come to us seeking for just someone to document your wedding. You come to us seeking for something deeper - that we’ll feel and we’ll love, together with you.


behind kompactfaen.

Diving in deeper and going beyond just documenting are some things that we take pride in.

As how every individual and pair is unique, approaching the wedding this way gave us different sets of works with different vibes, different spirits and different emotions as each couple approaches the wedding differently. Every photo and every film will now be not just a representation, but an opened door to somewhere deeper, somewhere more personal and invaluable. And every single time you look back to these photos and these films, you’ll dive deeper into your love, your wedding. You’ll always find something new that belongs to you.

The Experience


Jessica W.

We will fill this up when the testimonials come in. As of now, we can let it out first.


jetting off.

March 2019

Bali, Indonesia

April 2019

Florence, Italy

July 2019

Iceland / Faroe Islands

December 2019


delving deeper.

We hope our works spoke to and resonated with you – the philosophy behind it all, the execution that realises ideals into realities and the sincerity behind every single story created. Start your wedding process somewhere personal, sincere and focused, with us. Feel free to drop by our humble studio for a chat whenever. The team would love to meet you.

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