Hariz + Sabrina | Singapore

July 28, 2021

“The object of art is to make eternal the desperately fleeting moment.”

We often question the need for a pre wedding shoot. If it’s mainly for decorative purposes or just a to-do in the list of “wedding things to accomplish”. What not many see is that pre wedding is actually the perfect chance to capture the growth. It is the perfect opportunity to capture this unique life stage and the current beauty of it.

We all change with time—we call that growth. The different stages of life and relationship showcases the beauty of going through challenges, celebrating victories and seeking comfort in one another. All these little fleeting moments that can go by in seconds, we seek to capture them and make them seen not just by others, but by the couple themselves as well.

With Hariz and Sabrina, we saw how a pre wedding tells the story, of one before their union and after their triumphs. We saw impeccable joy just by them looking at one another. We saw how being in love is.

On this quiet Wednesday evening, amidst the crazy happenings from all around the island, fill your hearts up with this set from Hariz and Sabrina. We promise you—their energy and chemistry really uplifts.

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