Guoyou + Charmaine | The Racha, Phuket, Thailand

June 12, 2024

wedding day short film

guoyou + charmaine


Time, has always been an ambiguity that we try to own, but somehow never felt like we managed to. Yet we try, by all means and all mediums and it is, therefore, one of the most precious entity in this universe that we live in. It sometimes feels like time relentlessly slips through our fingers, and even more so in the recent years. We barely understood what happened. All we know is—where did all the time go?

The thing is, love and memories somehow supersede time. No matter how much time has passed, you know you’d always remember that moment when you fell in love. That moment when you feel warmth and that moment when you know your world is perfect even for just that minute. These stay no matter how much time has passed.

This is exactly our epiphany when putting together Guoyou and Charmaine’s wedding, back in Phuket, in 2019.

Pardon us for not updating this space in the longest time, and not writing. As all of us can relate, time has viciously caught up with us, and left us for a bit. But hey, there’s a beauty in looking back at materials from awhile ago, and still feeling the same feelings you did. Consider this a little test of how timeless wedding documentation with Kompactfaen is—we still feel the same butterflies, the same contentment and the same heartfelt joy we felt while watching the pair celebrate their love with the dearests and closests, on Racha Island in Phuket, Thailand.

Love is never an energy just shared between two people, love diffuses, love influences and love magnifies. A couple’s energy almost always transfers to those around them, be it strangers or friends, and it always shines through even in imageries. We remember so clearly how the love between Guoyou and Charmaine was shared between all their friends and families in such an empowering way. The abundance of love between this two shined and magnified how we live in a world of filled with more goodness than we know—there is love for everyone.

So, here are the wedding works from a really beautiful, beautiful day. We hope you leave with that feeling of contentment, of sincerity and of warmth like how we did that day.

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