Fernweh | Florence, Italy

June 7, 2018

“The art of creating, innovating and always improving, is priceless.”

Chiaroscuro. It’s about the high contrast, the light, the dark and it probably sparked off the use of low key lighting in productions. We love it. And it’s something that’s close to our heart, to what we love, and we’re so glad that we decided to stick to it. How the light highlights and focuses, creates textures and layers up the mood of a picture. It’s also amazing how painters never stopped believing, and how the Renaissance period sparked off art in ways people never thought possible. We guess that practicality and creativity just doesn’t come hand in hand; it’s one or the other. Painters, creators, they are impractical people. The amount of time, effort and planning on a piece of work can never be justified by a price.

The art of creating, innovating and always improving, is priceless.

We guess, this inspired most of our shoots, and the practice to never follow a standard template, but to always create, create and create. We’re awed by how painters can create landscapes from scratch, making canvasses into paintings that literally light up an entire hall. However, we also realised how they were never really rewarded nor respected while they were alive. Perhaps, it’s food for thought on how appreciative we should be of art, of things that are seemingly “of no use”. Perhaps, we should all learn to see art in another manner.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy this series; a shoot made and inspired by countless Renaissance paintings in Uffizi. We love the way light is portrayed, we love how compositions were made, and not followed, and we love the romance and elegance. Most importantly, we love how Firenzebrings out the true essence of art; sincerity, love and determination.