Elisha + Lenice | Singapore

May 8, 2018

“Every pre-wedding shoot is like, quality time between the couple. A date, which sets them back to the first moment they met, to the first date they had and to the many thoughts that were never shared. It is, too, quality time for us; the people filming, photographing.”

We get to know them better, as friends, as partners who are working together to make the wedding more personal, and better. And we love how all these interactions are reflected, naturally, in the photos from each session. It’s often rewarding, and so intimate, that we think back to this date while documenting their actual wedding day.

This shoot took place in their new home that’s unfurnished and untouched. We wanted to document their new home and their relationship in its rawest, simplest state. Nothing else but just them, and their (not-so-little) pups. And we hope that as time passes by, this house will be slowly filled with the things they love, and the dreams that will grow their love. These photos will always remind them of how far they’ve come, even in the future.

Using light and shadow as the main (and practically only) tool, we wanted to showcase the comfort, the calmness and the determination between the pair. Truly embracing the idea of minimalism and just bring the focus to them.

Bailey and Logan could not stay still during the entire shoot – bringing in a different kind of energy that layered perfectly with the stability that Lenice and Elisha’s relationship had.