Elisha + Lenice | Ahava

July 1, 2018

“There has always been an emphasis about making your wedding your own;  finding your own meaning in the ceremonies you carry out on this eventful day.”

We’re so glad that Lenice and Elisha fully grasped the idea of such and really went down in hard work for their own wedding. Doing almost everything by themselves with the help of their families and friends, there were such pride in every little detail of the wedding. It made the wedding beautiful in its own way – the entire setup was radiating with love, thoughtfulness and the essence of the pair. As a florist herself, Lenice had a vision on how her wedding would look like. Just nights before the wedding, both Elisha and herself were putting together each bouquet and boutonnière on their own. The amount of effort, perspiration and time invested into the wedding was not to be ignored. It made all of us extremely excited and curious on how the entire set up would look on that day.

The morning of the wedding day was an intimate, yet bustling one. Having a personal friend as her makeup artist, everyone scuffled around looking for something. Lenice’s closest friends (the bridesmaids) were looking for little things like pins and makeup items, Lenice being concerned if everything was packed, us trying to find the best possible light on that day. There were too many things going on in that cosy bridal suite and all with Lenice’s parents just watching from a corner, occasionally pulling someone over to ask if they have eaten or if they wanted some bread they bought.

When Lenice’s parents came into the spotlight, we observed how the event took a turn on its own. The suite fell silent as we watched Lenice’s parents quietly sat next to her. Through the process of veiling, it was as if they were saying a million things to her. None could be heard but every silent whisper was felt by us with great impact.

Truly marking the start of the wedding day, we left for the wedding venue feeling all emotionally connected. It was an unspoken bond within the family and the wedding crew which no words could fully describe.

As Elisha prepared for the first look, we could feel a difference in the energy level within the groomsmen and the army men in the groom’s suite. Equally chaotic, there was a sense of gusto, perhaps from the uniforms, and a little bit of playfulness among the boys. We could sense a strong brotherhood between the group and it was lovely how everyone was as excited as Elisha was.

First-looks are always heart-warming to watch. Especially when Lenice made the gown as to what Elisha would prefer – noting down his likings for the little details in her wedding dress. However, we found out that Elisha wanted Lenice to have full control over the design of the gown to make herself something she liked. The willingness to give in and compromise is part of what makes a couple. All of us had a little laugh about such and left the couple for their gift exchange to commemorate their special day.

With Logan as the ring bearer, the wedding officially began and events started unrolling by themselves, one after the other.

One of our favourite parts of a wedding – when parents showcase how they really feel. There’s this magic when parents are gleaming with joy or when they roll down tears of pride. We could really felt the love within the family and how it centred the relationship and the wedding.

The night ended with an intimate party, lots of dancing and people just going crazy. No better end to an eventful wedding day then having your close fiends to be silly, spontaneous and to be laughing alongside with you. After all, like we’ve always mentioned, a wedding is a celebration of love and humanity. It is a day we rejoice over relationships with nothing but love and gratitude.