Darren + Ziqi | Bali

May 15, 2019

Prewedding Short Film

Darren + Ziqi


Chemistry works in mysterious ways – it multiplies with differences and intensifies with experiences. 

Darren and Ziqi showed us how two people with opposing characteristics can come together to create a magic of its own sort. Being alone with them in Bali gave us the opportunity to see into something deeper, when we solely focused on them and nothing else. No hustle and bustle of the city life in Singapore but the raw, untouched and free spirit of Bali. Guess that’s the magic of travelling – you put behind life for awhile and start experiencing. It’s an escape yet a window for personal growth, it’s a time when you start seeing, feeling and knowing what truly matters to you. You begin to breathe, to be alive.

For us, being sensitive to light, creating imageries to fully represent the heart and soul of the couples has always been the main priority. Shooting in Bali hence wasn’t easy for Darren and Ziqi – waking up early in chase of the perfect light and sunrises, going down deep and dirty in muddy waters just so we could all be drenched, carefree and fearless during the entire shoot. We love capturing what’s real and what’s true between this pair as they showcased a new side of playfulness and wonder during the entire day – playing with droplets falling into the light at the waterfall, holding onto each other’s hand while trying to fill their palms up with clean water, running around on the beach like young ones in love and frolicking in the waters as if it doesn’t matter getting sandy or wet.. Though we were all really tired and physically exhausted at the end of the shoot, our hearts were full.

Here is a series of them being unafraid to showcase what’s closest to their hearts, igniting sides of passion and truths .

We hope you feel, and end up falling in love with the pair as we did.