Darren + Jennifer | Empress

September 24, 2021

Wedding Day Short Film

darren & jennifer


Last Christmas, we got the privilege to cover Darren and Jennifer’s wedding day. The amount of love, warmth and joy doubled for all of us that Christmas.

From Zoom calls, to day drinking during meetings, to the day these two lovely people finally tying the knot—we’ve always loved being with them. Each time we see Darren and Jennifer, it’s always glistening eyes when they look at each other. We see how they can’t help but to lift the corners of their mouths when telling us about their travels, about their love stories and experiences working overseas together. This is a pair with adventures beyond what words can describe, and with compelling stories to tell.

We can’t remember a moment where we weren’t smiling during their wedding day. How elated Darren was to marry Jennifer, and how comforting it was when they were both in each others’ arms. Thinking back, we’re getting warm fuzzy feelings and remembering how the pair shined through all the crazy preparations amidst this period. How they worked together as a team, laughed at any changes or mishap and celebrated their love with big hearts and big drinks (the amount, literally).

As wedding works at Kompactfaen has always reflected the personalities of couples themselves, you can see how dynamic this duo is. So take time to slowly go through each image, stop and enjoy the little emotive part of each picture. You’ll feel how in love, how child-like and how generous the pair is. You’ll also realise how easy it is to fall in love as you watch Darren and Jennifer fall in love with one another, over and over again, through different parts of the day.

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