Wedding Short Film

Damien | Ain


Damien + Ain | The Halia @ Singapore Botanic Garden

December 11, 2020

The thing about love is that it transcends all differences, all cultures and all backgrounds. Love promotes understanding, communication and initiative. These are just some things we observed and learnt from Ain and Damien.

Through the day, we could see the synergy between the pair – conversations were warm, sincere and funny at some times. We witnessed how Damien would smile at Ain’s teasings, and each time the pair looked at one another, we could feel little sparks going off for that split second. Cheesy as it sounds, these were really some things we noticed. Honestly, these little moments within the split seconds are what we love seeing, as couples are usually more comfortable to express themselves when the spotlight is not shining on them.

These little moments are when their true character shines through. And we love how each wedding work deeply reflects that.

So, enjoy this beautiful set of wedding works from Damien and Ain’s big day. We hope you love the laughters, the free spirit and the kinship as much as we do.

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