Colin + Jodie | The Art House + Artemis

August 27, 2020

Wedding Short Film

Colin | Jodie


“Love is not definitions but examples.”

Jodie and Colin’s special day consisted of many moments crossed between tears of joy and pride, laughters of reminiscence and hugs of kinship and friendship. It was a day filled with the various examples of love – be it between families, between the couple, between friends and just, all around.

We saw the pride of Jodie’s parents as they walked their daughter down the aisle to Colin. We saw how Jodie’s sisters shared her excitement and how they marvelled when they first saw her. We saw Colin’s friends and family being all proud of the man he has become, and even more so at the couple’s journey towards their union. We saw gratefulness of Jodie and Colin towards their families, and how both families were more than elated to be coming together as one with this union. We saw the joy and the burst of energy as night proceeded, how everyone celebrated their love with drinks, hugs and conversations. And all these, are just a small part of how the wedding day went.

It’s always magical for us to witness such small, intimate and invaluable exchanges during a wedding day. It honestly showcases how love is, without speaking about love itself.

So, enjoy this set of wedding works from Jodie and Colin. Feel it for yourself – the energy, the love and the pride that went around during their beautiful union.

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