Sean + Dawn | CHIJMES

April 28, 2020

Wedding Short Film

Sean + Dawn


“Whether it’s walking from one point to another, up to the stage or just from table to table, Sean always had Dawn’s hands in his, and his hands around her.”

Sean and Dawn’s personalities really shined through from the first time we met them, one year before their wedding day, till the big day itself. Their comfort and love for one another, their heart towards their friends and families, and their eagerness to have fun and create little adventures with one another as they manoeuvre through life together. It was something rare and valuable. We’re hence super grateful to have been able to document the celebration of their love and union, and celebrate this special day together with their loved ones.

As the day started with really intimate moments, and ended with loads of laughter, wine and heartiness. Sean and Dawn showed us how comfort plays such an important role in a relationship – it’s something that’s really simple yet treasurable. We loved how these two teased one another, yet embraced each other at so many junctures during the wedding day. We loved how they’re just like two little kids laughing at each other, very much in love, when they’re alone. While they stood proud and tall as a team and as a family on stage. That sense of support, familiarity and endearment made all of us felt their love for one another especially on that day.

Whether it’s walking from one point to another, or up to the stage, or just from table to table at the banquet, Sean always had Dawn’s hands in his, and his hands around her.

Here’s a set of wedding works that made us feel warm and fuzzy each time we look through them. We do hope you enjoy looking through Sean and Dawn’s beautiful day as much as we loved covering it.

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