Category: Prologue

Prologue July 28, 2021

Hariz + Sabrina | Singapore

"The object of art is to make eternal the desperately fleeting moment." We often question the need for a pre wedding shoot. If it's mainly for decorative purposes or just a to-do in the list of "we...

Fernweh March 8, 2020

Fernweh | St Petersburg, Russia

"And that's when the shoot concept came to us - to depict strength and elegance of women with the use of heights and the golden light." One spirit of Kompactfaen that we try our best to uphold is t...

Prologue January 16, 2020

Elliot + Evangeline | Singapore

There's this magic about photographs to capture how emotions intertwine, to capture the movements unseen with the naked eye, and the silent words exchanged between two persons in love.

Prologue May 15, 2019

Darren + Ziqi | Bali

Chemistry works in mysterious ways - it multiplies with differences and intensifies with experiences. 

Prologue September 4, 2018

Saptarshi + Valerie | Singapore

Love and live fully, freely and fiercely.

Prologue July 31, 2018

Shaz + Lexy | Singapore

We all want to have something, to call our own.

Fernweh June 7, 2018

Fernweh | Florence, Italy

"The art of creating, innovating and always improving, is priceless." Chiaroscuro. It's about the high contrast, the light, the dark and it probably sparked off the use of low key lighting in product...

Prologue May 8, 2018

Elisha + Lenice | Singapore

Every pre-wedding shoot is like, quality time between the couple. A date, which sets them back to the first moment they met, to the first date they had and to the many thoughts that were never shared. It is, too, quality time for us; the people filming, photographing.