Category: Photography

La Finale April 28, 2020

Sean + Dawn | CHIJMES

Whether it's walking from one point to another, up to the stage or just from table to table, Sean always had Dawn's hands in his, and his hands around her.

La Finale March 25, 2020

Elijah + Christine | Crowne Plaza

With Elijah and Christine it's like, every little moment of joy and support is amplified. You cannot ignore or deny their regard for one another throughout the entire day.

Fernweh March 8, 2020

Fernweh | St Petersburg, Russia

"And that's when the shoot concept came to us - to depict strength and elegance of women with the use of heights and the golden light." One spirit of Kompactfaen that we try our best to uphold is t...

La Finale February 25, 2020

Linus + Huien | Fullerton

And here, we know that they have found a home in each other. People often say that the best couple brings out the best in each other, and that they radiate love and chemistry in every way. No frills, no games, just two very sincere hearts genuinely looking out for each other.

Prologue January 16, 2020

Elliot + Evangeline | Singapore

There's this magic about photographs to capture how emotions intertwine, to capture the movements unseen with the naked eye, and the silent words exchanged between two persons in love.

La Finale January 1, 2020

Honghao + Amanda | Wesley Methodist Church & Mandarin Orchard

And every moment of being with Honghao and Amanda was enjoyable, down to the very last minute when everyone was a little tipsy, a little emotional and there was just only goodness all around.

Fernweh August 20, 2019

Nicole + Keillian | Hong Kong, Shatin

This is a celebration of the family we’re born into by blood, as well as the family we choose.

Prologue May 15, 2019

Darren + Ziqi | Bali

Chemistry works in mysterious ways - it multiplies with differences and intensifies with experiences. 

La Finale March 31, 2019

Andrew + Gillian | Andaz

A relationship has no frills, no game, just sincerity and the deliberate choice of spending the rest of your lives together.

Prologue September 4, 2018

Saptarshi + Valerie | Singapore

Love and live fully, freely and fiercely.