Casey + Janessa | La Finale

July 7, 2018
We love because it’s the only true adventure
A precious moment, a lovely image, can be

Full of vigour and overlaying emotions, the amount of energy that this pair has was infectious and apparent during their wedding day. It made us laugh and tear all at the same time. We could feel the tremendous joy, gratefulness and blissfulness the pair had – from the big smiles upon seeing each other for the first time during the day, to the small weeps when exchanging thoughts. The enthusiasm when giving praise to God and the warmth to all their guests, family and friends.

We could feel the tension, the stress,  the anticipation that Casey had. From the morning car ride, to the way he looks at Janessa while she was striding down the isle. It was overwhelming and beautiful all at the same time. When all eyes were on Janessa, Casey was having a moment of his own right at the front of the aisle. Guess, sometimes the spotlight does have its misses. But  beyond that, we’re glad to witness all that and fully immerse in the poignant and heart-warming day.