Basil + Bibiana | Sofitel Sentosa

November 3, 2020

Wedding Short Film

Basil | Bibiana


It’s been almost a year since we covered Basil and Bibiana’s big day but looking through their wedding works brought back such fond memories. The beauty of how each smile was big, how each laughter was music, how each tear couldn’t be held back, and how each connection between the couple, their families and friends, and guests was shining through.

This is probably why we always take our time in posting our wedding works – we want to see for ourselves how the wedding works can do its magic of transporting people back in time, not just to see, but to feel and experience a day all over again.

Knowing Basil and Bibiana two years back, we don’t remember a conversation without big laughters and sincere connection. That’s the power this couple has – their warmth, their genuine hearts and openness bring you in. It is extremely evident during the wedding day and of course, through the wedding works. Through the action-packed day, we saw little moments of comfort between the pair. We saw welcomeness of both families, we saw enjoyment in every occurrence, be it planned or unplanned. Most importantly, we saw a love that was free and transforming.

So, we hope you enjoy going through Basil and Bibiana’s wedding as much as we love going through them again and again. It’s a set that definitely will bring smile to your faces and light your hearts up infinitely.

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