Andrew + Gillian | Andaz

March 31, 2019


Andrew + Gillian


A relationship has no frills, no game, just sincerity and the deliberate choice of spending the rest of your lives together.

Throughout the entire process, from pre wedding to the actual big day, Andrew and Gillian showed us what it really means to be a team. From listening to one another’s concerns, to embracing each other for all the quirks. The pair showed us so much chemistry and it overflows from their little actions, to the big moments and events during the day. While meeting for the planning of the wedding, we’d often talk about life and random stuff, it felt like the wedding meant so much to them to give back to their friends and families. Their generosity and thoughtfulness shined throughout the day, from making sure that every friend was included in the happenings around, to making sure that everyone was having a good time. It showed us how love isn’t just shared between two people, but it flows through and through everyone that’s present on that day.

Though the entire set of works, we hope you see this brilliancy that Andrew and Gillian brought to their families and friends, and love the pair as much as we do.